A new reality for doctors and their patients

Where automated, adaptable, and personalized appointment scheduling helps streamline your medical staff’s day and lets them focus on their practice. Where patients self-schedule from any device, online or offline, anytime. Making for a great patient experience.

Medical appointments booked annually

Appointments moved to self-service with Odoro

Saved per month, per practitioner

"No-show" reduction

Increased appointment utilization & practice growth

Increased patient satisfaction & engagement

SchedLogic™Technology Unique To Odoro

Our adaptable rules-based patient appointment scheduling lets you make the rules. We call it SchedLogic™, the doctors and healthcare staff whose load we lighten, call it a brighter day.

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All-ways SchedulingWeb, Mobile, IVR, Call Center

Anytime, anywhere. Every aspect of patient engagement is covered. Patients can self-serve their appointment booking using: Web, Mobile, IVR, and Call Center.

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The Service AdvantageTechnology With Heart

We provide software as a service, with service. We offer a warm human touch paired with our unique technology, to give you high impact technology, with heart.

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  • "The service I received from the entire team was exceptional." "The operators explained how to operate the system whilst providing smart and constructive suggestions on how to improve the response to my patients. They were also polite and courteous at all times. They helped me in all the administrative issues connected to my request and ensured that my requests were dealt with speedily. The standards of service which I received, and continue to receive, the attention to detail, the patience, the professionalism, the concern, the constant provision or answers and solutions throughout the process are to be praised. The service and support I received, accompanied by focused explanations given by a team that cared, was sensitive and courteous are the marks of an approach to service second to none."

    Dr D. Samuel | Gynecologists

  • “...Eventually we chose the appointment scheduling system provided by Odoro and have been using it for a number of years." "Within just a few days...the system was ready to operate." "The obvious advantages of using the Odoro system are: ease of use, a significant saving in costs and time and greater efficiency in the management of the clinic’s appointments." "...the effort paid off (in every aspect) and even earlier than expected."

    Dr. Bloch | Gynecologists

  • "In Odoro we found a group of professional people, attentive, caring and human. Willing to examine and respond to changes in real time with creative thinking that expands the horizons. People that are fun to work with."

    Dr. Acky Friedman | Dermatologist

  • "...the service provided to patients during that entire time has improved beyond recognition. This is because the system is user friendly for both the patient and the clinic’s staff. The patients have only good things to say about the system as it combines both the internet and the telephone as methods for making appointments. I would also like to point out that thanks to the programs ability to leave messages and set appointments, I am now available 24 hours a day to treat patients. In this way, I can treat patients from anywhere and also outside of the clinics regular operating hours."

    Dr. D. Shoham Lachman | General Medicine

  • "My partners and I have been working with Odoro for four years and are extremely satisfied. In a clinic with a heavy patient load and an intensive appointment schedule, the need for flexible, exact and fast operation is critical." "Odoro’s diary is easy to operate, both for us and the patients, and gives us total control. Technical support is fast and always to our satisfaction."

    Dr. Y. Han |Pediatrics

  • "After having experienced a number of other systems in the past, I want to say that I am more than satisfied by the way your system works, with the service and, of course, with the compliments given by our patients who can now easily make appointments for an examination.”

    Dr. M. Englander | E.N.T.

  • “Odoro provides doctors with a level of service of the highest professional standards combined with a personal response suited for all needs and requests. If only all systems supporting our ability to manage a business and provide appropriate medical services were as accessible, well organized and reliable as yours.”

    Dr. S. HaLachmi |Dermatologist