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Reach Every Patient Everywhere

Patient self‑scheduling solutions that help health systems
expand patient access and acquisition.

Can you imagine a world without complete online accessibility?

Patients can’t.

Modern consumers live in a world in which the majority of their interactions take place online. As such, services offering minimal online accessibility are irrelevant in the minds of modern consumers. In order to remain relevant, health systems must provide the best online self-service experience possible for both new and existing patients.
patient access improved with self-scheduling

Complete Patient Self‑Scheduling Access

Providing a combination of convenience and control, Odoro’s patient self‑scheduling solutions are built to benefit both health systems and their patients.
Complete multi‑channel accessibility enables patients to self‑schedule appointments online at any time, on all their favorite devices. Odoro’s rules‑based engine, SchedLogic™, guarantees optimal patient‑provider matching across all scheduling platforms allowing organizations to increase patient access and acquisition without sacrificing control.

Online Patient Self‑Scheduling

Odoro’s online patient self-scheduling solution embeds seamlessly into health systems’ existing websites/mobile apps and allows visitors to find the perfect appointment using an interactive dialogue.

  • Our solution utilizes SchedLogic™ technology for perfect patient‑provider matching.

  • Optimization for both mobile and online use is perfect for increasing patient engagement by reaching patients on their preferred device.

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online patient self-scheduling on mobile device
patient portal scheduling interface

Patient Portal Scheduling

Patient portal scheduling solutions from Odoro integrate natively with organization’s existing patient portal to bring our superior, patient portal agnostic SchedLogic technology and patient-provider match experience to organizations existing patient portal user base.

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IVR Scheduling

Many elderly and less technologically inclined patients are set in the habit of calling a clinic in order to schedule appointments.

For those patients, Odoro offers an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) scheduling solution which allows both patients and organizations to enjoy the benefits of self-scheduling, such as no wait time, without the need to shake old habits.

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Patient Access with IVR Scheduling