Our goal is to keep giving you back more time in the day

That is why our Schedule Manager is designed to adapt to any and all demands you define.  We have gathered a vast amount of knowledge and experience through our specialized work with thousands of practices, practitioners, and their unique needs. We hope to share this knowledge with you. 

Schedule Manager – Your Doctor Dashboard

All of Odoro’s Healthcare Scheduling modules are synchronized in real-time and available from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Appointments scheduled via any module (Web, Mobile, IVR, Call Center) will be automatically displayed on the Schedule Manager. This level of synchronization gives you, and your staff, the freedom to schedule or view appointments anytime, anywhere, and always see an accurate picture of your time in one Doctor’s dashboard.
The Schedule Manager is also where you input and adjust all of the custom logic that is personal to your practitioners and your practice. From the simplest needs, such as, when a practitioner is out of office, to the more complex ones, such as how a practitioner likes to organize their day. It is all at your finger tips with your ease of use in mind. Our unique technology a rule-based scheduling engine – SchedLogic™.
For your convenience all appointments are fully synced into your EMR and Practice Management (PM) systems. We are built to be exact to your needs, but we are also built to scale to the requirements of the digital health domain that supports you.  
The Odoro Personalized Schedule Manager can be ordered separately or combined with your preferred appointment scheduling solution.  See our system’s Benefits section for more on how we stack up.

How It WorksSchedule Manager provides a full-view

  1. The physician or staff member is given a secure password and username which is used to access the Schedule Manager from any Internet connected computer or smartphone.  From the moment they are connected, the practitioner can get an up-to-date picture of their appointment schedule and make any required changes.
  2. Both the physician and the staff member can work on the Schedule Manager at the same time and see updates.  Furthermore, practice staff can work on a number of Schedule Managers and their EMR/PM scheduler at the same time, and all schedules will work in sync – seamlessly.
  3. The Schedule Manager is accessible only to those with a valid password and username.  Patients can’t see the Scheduler Manager itself or the status of appointments.


  • 24/7 access for authorized medical staff
  • 50-70% appointments moved to self-service
  • Reduce no-show by 50-85%
  • Increase appointment utilization by 5-12%
  • Save 50 work hours per month per practitioner
  • Exceptional service for existing and new clients
  • Your bottom line: reach practice’s full economic potential

Schedule Manager screenshots