Scheduling Solutions

Odoro is a Personalized Schedule Management system where you make the rules. The system frees you of all the unnecessary work that is so often part of day to day practice management. Our aim is to provide you with technology solutions that give you peace of mind, and let you get back to your practice.
What makes personalized scheduling work for you is that the system perfectly matches your practice’s unique way of working so every practitioner’s schedules and work rhythms are met. The system scales this personalized scheduling approach from a single practitioner to a large hospital with 100% accuracy.
Odoro’s Personalized Healthcare scheduling solutions are based on our unique developed technology, SchedLogic™.  It is the core technology that powers our personalized offering. It is the brain that lets practices add advanced business rules and a systematic approach to their appointment scheduling logic, so they can optimize physician time, increase patient engagement, and grow practice revenue.
By running Odoro’s All-ways Scheduling modules your patients can self-serve their appointment booking using: Web, Mobile, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and Call Center, alongside your office staff. This provides your patients with multilingual 24/7 access that significantly reduces your staff’s workload. Everyone wins. See our Benefits section for more detailed information.


  • Your bottom line: reach practice’s full economic potential
  • Increase practice operational efficiency
  • Reduce no-show by 50-85%
  • Increase appointment utilization by 5-12%
  • 50-70% appointments moved to self-service
  • Save 50 work hours per month per practitioner
  • Exceptional service for existing and new clients

All-ways Scheduling – Increase Patient Engagement

Because we understand that you want to provide your patients with a smooth and seamless experience, we’ve brought together every scheduling method that patients currently use in one All-ways Scheduling platform. This way, every scheduling module (Web, Mobile, IVR, Call Center) is driven by your personalized scheduling logic, powered by our SchedLogic™ technology. Choose one or more of the following solutions for patient contact:

Our online scheduling solution enables your patients to book medical appointments from their desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, or any other mobile device, 24/7. 

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With our IVR Scheduler (Interactive Voice Response), patients who aren’t technology savvy can easily schedule appointments over the phone 24/7, with no wait time.

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Scheduling an appointment with a call center agent provides the perfect answer for patients who want a “human touch”.

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Schedule Manager – Your Doctor Dashboard

All of Odoro’s Healthcare Scheduling modules are synchronized in real-time and available to your medical staff from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Appointments scheduled via any module (Web, Mobile, IVR, Call Center) are automatically displayed on the Schedule Manager, and synced directly to your EMR and PM softwares. This level of synchronization gives you, and your staff, the freedom to schedule anytime anywhere and always see an accurate picture of your time in one Doctor’s dashboard. Through this dashboard you and your staff also gain full control of your schedule, you can make any modifications to your schedule hours instantly and from anywhere, even from your mobile phone.
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Phone, Text, Email Reminders

Patients don’t always remember that they have an appointment and sometimes struggle to show up on time.
Our phone, text, and email reminders are designed to help confirm that your patients intend to keep their appointments, and remind them of the appointment ahead of time so that they can show up and receive the medical attention they need.
Phone, text, and email reminders decrease the number of “No Shows” by up to 85%, optimizing your practice time, reducing costs, and increasing practice profitability. They can operate as standalone modules or can be used together.