Benefits Odoro scheduling solutions Other online/mobile self service scheduling solutions EMR Scheduler
Patient self-serve access 24/7 – anytime, anywhere
Office staff can access Schedule Manager 24/7 – anytime, anywhere
Save 50 work hours per month per practioner
Total, real-time control over Scheduling definitions Limited
50-70% appointments moved to self-service
50-85% No-Show reduction
Increase appointment utilization by 5-12%
Rule-based scheduling – by scalable SchedLogic(TM) technology
Personalized per practitioner
Online self-service scheduler
Mobile self-service scheduler
IVR self-service scheduler
Call center self-service scheduler
Any information can be given during the self-service scheduling process
Synchronized in real-time, seamless across all scheduling modules
Text/Message/Voice Call alerts and reminders
Easy to use doctor dashboard
Easy self-serve access for patients
Self-service scheduling for the elderly
No wait time over the phone
Reduced call duration and eliminated Human Error using SchedLogic(tm)
Attract new patients with a direct call to action Some
Multilingual – 6 languages supported
Patient and Office can engage in real-time scheduling message dialog
Self-service Waiting list support
Automatically add the scheduled appointment to patient calendar Some