Our Commitment

Odoro is a new age company and our commitment to you is to be a technology leader

at the edge of any age. We are committed to a rigorous stability & security program

to protect our customers, users, partners and ourselves at all times.


We built our company with a cloud-based SaaS approach, on the Amazon Cloud’s reliable infrastructure, using the most advanced technology available. Our servers are built to scale and deployed using fully region redundancy with no single point of failure.


We use the top industry standard for security including TLS V1.1+ encryption using 2048bit keys, and implement Amazon and industry security best practices. All information is encrypted on rest and transit. We perform ongoing vulnerability checks and have 24/7 physical security.


We maintain confidentiality of corporate and customer information. All public transported notifications never contain private information.


Stability & Security – Top Priority

  • Amazon cloud reliable infrastructure
  • Server and region redundancy
  • No single point of failure
  • Amazon security best practices
  • TLS V1.1+ encryption scheme
  • All information is encrypted on rest and transit
  • Ongoing vulnerability testing
  • 24/7 physical security
  • Staff is security trained

User Contribution

We appreciate contributions that our user-base and the internet security research community make. Please share any problems you find with our service with us at this link. We will address issues promptly and appreciate your support.