Together we create the industry’s most comprehensive
patient-engagement platform

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Together we create the industry’s most comprehensive patient-engagement platform

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Odoro’s Patient Access & Scheduling Solutions

Our digital patient access platform allows health systems to optimize their scheduling flow for every facet of their organization. By allowing patients to schedule using their preferred platforms, Odoro increases patient acquisition and retention while SchedLogic™, our rules-based engine, perfects patient‑provider match.

SchedLogic™ Matching Algorithm

Odoro SchedLogic™ matches patients with the right providers at the right times to create appointments that maximize organizational efficiency and patient access. Being EHR/PM agnostic allows SchedLogic™ to centralize patient and provider data from multiple sources and apply it to benefit health organizations.

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Odoro’s Partners

Allscripts- Odoro's EMR Partner in Digital Patient Access
Surescripts- Odoro Partners in Digital Patient Access
MDEMR- Odoro Partners in Digital Patient Access

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Customer Testimonials

Dr. Sara J. Laun Cannon- Odoro's Digital Patient Access Client

“Many providers were worried that appointments would be scheduled inappropriately, however, we were able to put together rules and logic to prevent this. Overall both patients and providers have been very happy with improved access while making sure appointments are scheduled correctly.”

Dr. Sara J. Laun Cannon, M.D, TCC

“15% of HMC’s appointments moved to online scheduling within the first 3 months of usage, and patient satisfaction rose dramatically.”

“Call Center agents gained a comprehensive overview of HMC’s providers expertise and availability and can easily match the patient with the right provider. We immediately saw a reduction in call duration, a drop in human errors and training new agents was never easier. The implementation was smooth, all of our agents started using Odoro’s software on the same day with no downtime or errors.”

“By standardizing and centralizing our scheduling we have been able to service appointments to providers in remote clinics alongside those who operate in our main facility.”

Dani Engel, CEO, HMC
Jackie Woods- Odoro's Digital Patient Access Client

“Odoro’s self-scheduling solution was able to accommodate our complex scheduling rules so that we could offer appointments appropriately and easily for our patients while maintaining a medical home focus.”

Jackie Woods, IT Manager, TCC

Odoro is the most user-friendly system I ever used!

Call Center Agents, The CORE Institute