For years, health systems have strived to provide their patients with access to the best possible care. However, in spite of their best efforts, patients may continue to experience a wide array of issues that can be easily mitigated by introducing online patient scheduling.  Online patient scheduling solutions integrate into health systems’ websites and patient portals to allow patients to self-schedule their appointments in a convenient manner.  Here are several benefits online scheduling can bring to health systems.

Improved Patient Access and Experience

Health systems can improve patient access and experience with online patient scheduling.   Online scheduling allows customers to schedule their appointments 24/7 and offers patients scheduling options across multiple channels. Multi-channel access includes the ability to schedule online, via a mobile device, or through a patient portal. Patients who self-schedule experience greater flexibility and convenience that fulfill their needs beyond traditional phone and email-based scheduling. Online solutions connect health systems with new patients directly avoiding the typical barriers to patient acquisition. Implementing online scheduling is a sure-fire tactic to increase patient access and satisfaction.

Increased Online Patient Scheduling Efficiency

Online patient scheduling allows for more efficient patient scheduling across a health system. One of the most difficult challenges for administrative staff is the sheer volume of incoming calls which can congest their workday. When left unattended, patient congestion can limit a health organization’s ability to work efficiently. Online scheduling solutions reduce staff workload by minimizing the number of appointment requests that need to be addressed.  Online scheduling has the potential to react in real-time and automatically recommends available appointments that an overwhelmed receptionist may fail to recognize.

Added Benefits of Rules-based Scheduling

Not all online scheduling systems are created equal. Online scheduling solutions that allow health organizations to maintain their existing scheduling preferences and optimize patient-provider matching ultimately generate the greatest value. Rule-based technologies, facilitate improved patient-provider matching by referencing new and existing patient data. This data-driven technology ensures that patients are paired up with the best possible provider within the health system to serve their immediate needs.  Health systems are able to customize and regulate their Rules-based solution to match their specific needs.

Ultimately, online scheduling affords patients and health systems with multiple benefits to help increase patient access and scheduling efficiency. Patient scheduling solutions that implement Rules-based technologies can further benefit healthcare organizations by improving their patient-provider matching and scheduling control.

Ready to take your organization to the next level? Implement an online scheduling solution and enjoy the added benefits well into the future. 

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