Myth #1: Health consumers don’t want to use patient self scheduling solutions.

Healthcare consumers are demanding patient self scheduling solutions more than ever before. In fact, their demand is driving a massive cultural shift towards online patient scheduling. According to Accenture by 2019, 64% of all U.S patients will use a self-scheduling solution to schedule their appointments. Elderly and less technologically inclined patients, set in the habit of calling a clinic, can use an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) scheduling solution to enjoy the benefits of patient self scheduling without the need to shake old habits. Health systems that adopt multi channel self-scheduling will have a decisive advantage over their competition.

Myth #2: Self scheduling solutions fail to provide value for the health system.

Patient self scheduling solutions improve patient access, and allocate health system resources more efficiently. Health systems that use self-scheduling solutions reduce average call volume and receptionists’ daily calls.  Additionally, advanced self-scheduling ensures a consistent and highly reliable service, that has perfect patient provider matching, and helps eliminate human errors. Health systems’ that implement patient self-scheduling across their entire organization benefit most. Improved efficiency combined with higher quality services increase value for the health system.  

Myth #3: Online scheduling solutions require a complete overhaul of a health system’s software.

Health systems can choose to reach their patients over three primary channels including web, mobile and patient portal.  Advanced online scheduling solutions seamlessly integrate into a health system’s existing PM/EMR, patient portal, and scheduling systems. The ability for a health system to customize their advanced solution, allows for complete discretion and control. At no point is a health system required to completely abandon their existing scheduling tools in favor of online scheduling.

Myth #4: Patient experience has no relation to patient self scheduling solutions.

On the contrary, in 2017 The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) found that self-scheduling brought about better patient experience. The patient survey collected information on 11-patient experience metrics; health system’s with the highest summary score offered the best patient experience. According to HCAHPS, 60% of the perfect 5-star providers offered an online self scheduling solution.  Having online self-scheduling, can bring about better patient experience for health systems.

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