The Challenge Facing Healthcare Call Centers

Did you know that an average phone call to schedule an appointment can last 8 minutes? (Research by Accenture). 

8 minutes!  That’s a lot of time we could be using to do something else… You wouldn’t be able to fly to the moon and back, but you could make a sandwich, speak to a friend, meditate or keep fit with a half a mile walk! And more

So why is it so long? Well, because guiding patients to find their right specialist provider at the right time and at the right location in healthcare call centers is highly complex. This is made even more challenging as doctors tend to treat a specific and very narrow condition, while agents in contact centers and access centers are often following tedious paper scheduling rules across multi-speciality departments. 

With resulting skyrocketing agent training costs, call centers must innovate.

Hi-Tech Solutions for a Hi-Tech World

In a fast-moving world – it is imperative that healthcare call centers and hospitals look to adopt new digital solutions that will address their core issues: 

  • Lower waiting times

  • Streamline appointment booking

  • Make agents more efficient

  • Minimize call duration

  • Reduce training time

  • Remove human errors

Call-Center Software Can Help Transform this Scheduling Bottleneck

As the gateway to accessing care, here’s our three recommendations to help your healthcare call center transform their consumer experience and start the patient journey on a satisfied note:

1. Centralize data to better manage your scheduling

Creating one centralized source for all your scheduling and resource-related data will enable you to better manage your agents and streamline scheduling efficiency.  

Furthermore, a centralized data management solution that integrates with your providers’ practice management systems should be a must. With an integrated solution, you can ensure call-center scheduling works just the same as if staff were scheduling from a providers’ office. 

At Odoro, we have created the Org2 data management platform. It centralizes all your scheduling-related data and leverages business logic. This provides you with a super and flexible tool that gives you 100% control to easily manage and coordinate scheduling, all integrated with providers’ practice management systems.

2. Empower agents with customizable and guided call-center scripts

The right technology means you can kiss paper binders goodbye!

Providing schedulers and access agents with customizable and automated call-center scripts that guides them through each call is a sure fire way to increase operational efficiency, improve triage, and enhance the patient experience. 

This type of software instantly empowers agents with the right questions to ask at the right time. Not only will call centers be able to reduce human errors, lower call times and training requirements, there will also be a vast improvement in communications enterprise-wide. 

We have seen excellent outcomes for our clients who use our automated, and tailored call-center scripts. As part of our intelligent DPAP (Digital Patient Access Platform) technology, clients were able to reallocate full time employees, and reduce call-center training times by up to 30%!

3. Perfect Patient Triage

Perfecting patient-provider matching – the goal of any health system, hospital and medical call center!  

Imagine if your agents could instantly have the right information at their fingertips to immediately match patients with the right provider. No more guesswork, no more needing to put patients on hold and risk losing them, no more disgruntled patients or dissatisfied providers! Well this is no longer a pipe-dream.  

Odoro’s smart matching algorithm technology, Schedlogic, does just this. By combining patient input from Dialog 2.0 with existing scheduling data, Schedlogic immediately presents to your schedulers and access agents an optimal view of appointments and providers in real time! This removes the need to search through relevant provider profiles seen with other softwares.  

Your call center agents can now perfectly triage patients in seconds, helping to minimize call length and shorten waiting times for an improved patient experience.

Think enterprise-wide

Yet, we must not forget that improving call-center triage is one part of the wider patient access experience. 

To truly transform the patient access experience, health systems must integrate call-center triage software with enterprise-wide online and self-scheduling solutions. At Odoro, this holistic approach to meet patient’s scheduling needs has been hugely successful, with clients seeing significant outcomes in very short periods of time. 

It’s a hi-tech world. Patients expect hi-tech solutions. Give them the next generation patient experience with DPAP. Schedule a demo to learn more!

About Dikla Ranen

Dikla Ranen is the co-founder and COO of Odoro – a leader in digital patient access solutions for health systems. Over the last 20 years, Dikla has held senior sales, business development and customer success roles in both the digital health and hi-tech sector. Working at the forefront of the changing digital patient access landscape for the past 10 years, she understands first-hand the challenges and issues facing health systems. To learn more about sector best-practices and how latest digital innovation strategies are being used to improve the patient experience, please message with Dikla on Linkedin.

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