Access Center Solution

A complete scheduling tool that improves an access center, with patient-provider matching and provider utilization while maximizing organizational efficiency.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Offering an efficient and consistent access center experience is key to turning patient demand into scheduled appointments. Far too often, patients who schedule using call centers encounter long wait times and suboptimal patient-provider match due to ineffective workflows and inconsistent provider data. Without the right scheduling tool, call center agents are unequipped to meet patients’ scheduling needs.

Access Center Call Center Scheduling

The Cure for the Modern Access Center

Odoro’s Solution provides call center agents with an interactive script specifically designed to collect information from patients. Agents simply input patients’ responses, and SchedLogic™ does the rest. By combining information input by agents with existing health system PM/EMR data, Odoro SchedLogic™ is able to find the perfect match for every patient instantly.

Guided Scheduling Dialogue

Odoro’s Access Center Solution is built around its unique guided dialogue interface, which leads call center agents through a customizable script designed to collect information from patients as efficiently as possible.

Agents simply input patient responses into the web-based tool and receive a list of optimal providers and appointment slots. That eliminates the need to search through the provider’s calendar.

Access Center Scheduling Guided Dialogue framed