About Dikla Ranen

Dikla Ranen is the co-founder and COO of Odoro – a leader in digital patient access solutions for health systems. Over the last 20 years, Dikla has held senior sales, business development and customer success roles in both the digital health and hi-tech sector. Working at the forefront of the changing digital patient access landscape for the past 10 years, she understands first-hand the challenges and issues facing health systems. To learn more about sector best-practices and how latest digital innovation strategies are being used to improve the patient experience, please message with Dikla on Linkedin.

The Virus Has a Lot to Teach Us About Running a Medical Practice

By |2020-07-12T13:01:42+00:00July 12th, 2020|

Can we learn anything about running medical practices, and taking great care of our patients, from the biology of the coronavirus? The answer is yes. The coronavirus is a targeting machine, deviously brilliant in the way it attacks high-risk [...]

Digitizing Healthcare: Enabling a Holistic Approach to healthcare part 1

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The dawn of healthcare consumerism – putting the patient in the decision-making chair – is here.  For health system’s digital strategy, it is vital that organizational infrastructure must rapidly adapt and bring a holistic approach to [...]

Digital Innovations to Consider for Improving Patients’ Experience and Access

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Technology - it’s taking over how we view, access and use healthcare, and improve the patient experience. The more tech-savvy – the less fear we have in using new digital innovations. Yet what about our growing [...]

Embrace healthcare consumerism before it’s too late

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We live in an era where we can book everything online – from our holidays, dining out, to ordering a taxi.  The dawn of healthcare consumerism is also changing our expectations and desires in the way we approach and [...]