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Chatbot Scheduling Example in a Laptop

New self-service channel lets healthcare consumers quickly and easily find the right care in the way they desire

Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot are a critical part of any future digital innovation strategy for improved operational efficiency. At Odoro, we have harnessed this smart, self-service channel by integrating within our existing digital platform to provide a richer and superior patient access experience.

Faced with complex healthcare needs and less time than ever before, Odoro’s personalized chatbot lets healthcare consumers quickly and easily find the right care, whenever or wherever they desire. Using our integrated chatbot channel, patients can now communicate in their preferred way to rapidly identify relevant healthcare providers and self-schedule appointments aligned to their busy lifestyles.

Powered by SchedLogic, our chatbot uniquely customizes complex workflows and automates online scheduling tasks by taking into account patient history and needs, provider expertise and preferences as well as advanced business rules. Our new self-service channel helps healthcare organizations shift demand from patient access coordinators and seamlessly integrate chatbots into their digital patient experience.

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