Medical IVR Appointment Scheduling

Bringing the benefits of self‑scheduling to everyone.

Despite the growing demand for online appointment scheduling, there remains a large population that lacks the technical ability needed to schedule online. With Odoro’s Interactive Voice Response (medical IVR) appointment scheduling solution, every patient can enjoy the convenience and accessibility of self‑scheduling regardless of their technical ability.

To schedule using medical IVR, patients simply call their provider’s scheduling line, and when prompted use their phone’s keypad to enter the details of the appointment. SchedLogic, Odoro’s rules-based engine, uses patients’ responses and patient data as well as the healthcare organization’s unique scheduling rules to match each patient with the optimal provider and appointment.

Patient self scheduling solutions & Patient Access with Medical IVR Scheduling
  • 24/7 online appointment scheduling

  • Customizable scheduling prompts

  • Customizable scheduling rules and preferences

  • Multilingual interface

  • Perfect patient-provider matching

  • Full cross-integration with all EMR and PM systems

  • Easy-to-use scheduling process

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