Using Chatbots to Transform the Patient Access Experience

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The easier, quicker and more convenient the route is for patients to communicate with their health provider, the better the patient experience. Chatbots provide an affordable new tool for health systems to better meet these needs. Currently, the patient [...]

Embrace healthcare consumerism before it’s too late

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We live in an era where we can book everything online – from our holidays, dining out, to ordering a taxi.  The dawn of healthcare consumerism is also changing our expectations and desires in the way we approach and [...]

4 Myths About Patient Self Scheduling

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Myth #1: Health consumers don’t want to use patient self scheduling solutions. Healthcare consumers are demanding patient self scheduling solutions more than ever before. In fact, their demand is driving a massive cultural shift towards online patient scheduling. According [...]

Online Patient Scheduling: A Must Have For Every Health System

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For years, health systems have strived to provide their patients with access to the best possible care. However, in spite of their best efforts, patients may continue to experience a wide array of issues that can be easily mitigated [...]