What is a Patient Access Strategy?

A Patient Access Strategy is the game plan health systems should implement to improve and streamline the way patients find healthcare providers and schedule appointments.  It is typically a starting point for healthcare systems to enhance the patient experience.

Today, patients interact with health systems through several different healthcare touch points, such as their website and call center.  It is therefore essential for health systems to provide an integrated and consistent patient experience across multiple channels and platforms. One that enables patients to be matched with their best provider quickly, easily and conveniently that matches their lifestyle.  

The patient access strategy is the approach that health systems take to map out and analyze these healthcare touch points and then create a game plan which optimizes the patient experience.  It is essentially about delivering a branded, unified healthcare journey that provides consistent information and helps keeps patients engaged so they don’t go out of network for their care.  

Why is creating a patient access strategy so important?

A patient access strategy is fundamental to enabling a successful patient experience. It is where the patient experience begins, providing an opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression that sets the tone for a patient’s experience across the entire organization!  

With the dawn of the healthcare consumer and greater focus on value-based care, patient access strategies must evolve to meet this changing market landscape.  By providing timely, convenient and easy ways to engage with healthcare organizations at the front door, a good patient access strategy can increase patient engagement, patient loyalty, and ensure better outcomes.

How does Odoro help in delivering a successful Patient Access Strategy?

Based on our vast digital health experience, Odoro partners with health care organizations to create and deploy a customized patient access strategy that meets and adapts to their specific challenges and vision.  

We specifically map out all access touch points looking both at digital and physical channels and offerings, to understand how we can strengthen and deliver an engaged, branded patient journey. By integrating Odoro’s digital patient access suite of solutions, including online-scheduling, intake and referral management, we partner with health care providers to integrate our technology across enterprise-wide points of access.