What is Digital Patient Access?

Digital Patient Access refers to the use of digital innovation to increase patient access to care.

Driven by the digital revolution enabling access to unprecedented amounts of information, healthcare consumers now have higher expectations than ever before in their search for quality care. Furthermore, they are expressing their feedback and ideas on how to improve care. In the recent 2018 Black Book Market Survey, 97% of patients demanded online scheduling and a further 90% said with no digital access they may abandon their current provider!

Digital patient access is a term born from this changing consumer landscape to describe all the activities of a health system that leverages digital tools to increase patient access.

How Does Odoro provide Digital Patient Access?

Facing similar difficulties to access care and find specialist appointments, Odoro’s founders are one of the creators of the concept for Patient Access, digitally. As leaders in the field, Odoro’s patient access platform now delivers comprehensive online scheduling, streamlines the intake process and enhances referrals management across enterprise-wide points of access. 

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