What is Digital Transformation in Healthcare?

Digital Transformation is the use of innovative new digital technologies to rethink traditional operational processes for improved healthcare efficiency and effectiveness.

Digital transformation requires rethinking business processes and using digital technologies and data to put the healthcare consumer at the center of the health system. 

Big data analytics,  artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), robotics and blockchain are just a few examples of emerging digital transformation technologies in healthcare.

These technologies are revolutionizing the healthcare landscape, and bringing huge potential  in the way we can deliver customer-centered care. To stay competitive, healthcare providers and insurers must leverage these digital innovations to meet the changing behavioral needs and increasing expectations of the modern healthcare consumer.

Why is creating a digital transformation strategy for Hospitals and Health Systems so important?

Creating a digital healthcare transformation strategy can result in tremendous benefits. By applying new digital innovation solutions, healthcare providers and insurers can:

  • Streamline healthcare professionals work
  • Optimize business systems
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Reduce human error 
  • Lower costs through engaging and efficient digital patient experiences.

As seen in other industries, such as financing and shopping, the potential for digital transformation in healthcare is huge – how we apply it is the challenge!

How does Odoro help support Digital Transformation in Healthcare? 

It is our approach at Odoro to develop a partnership with healthcare organizations that looks in depth at the patient access ecosystem.  

Together, we formulate a digital strategy focussed around how we can connect and apply data, technology and communications to redefine patient experiences and engagement during patient access to care. 

Using Odoro’s digital patient access platform, we focus on applying digital innovation solutions that let healthcare consumers quickly and easily find the right care in the way they desire. Integrating multiple-channels, whether it be via the organization’s website, texting, chatbot, or Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) software for the less tech savvy, we ensure consumers can engage with their healthcare provider as they desire.  

Promoting information transparency alongside ease and convenience to access care, Odoro’s multi-channel digital patient access platform personalizes the patient experience before during and after the appointment. 

Our solution is focussed on using digital innovations to engage with consumers on their terms, in a way they desire, providing a branded tool that both attracts and retains patients.