What is Healthcare Consumerism?

Healthcare consumerism is about putting the patient in the driver’s chair. A concept that advocates patients’ involvement in their own healthcare decisions from the ‘doctor says/patient does’ model to a ‘working partnership’ model.

Driven by digital innovations, the healthcare consumer is here to stay. At its simplest level, healthcare consumerism is about delivering quality care with convenience.  

As a healthcare consumer, when shopping for care, patients have higher expectations than ever before. They now believe they deserve shorter waiting times, advanced knowledge of treatment costs, alongside knowledgeable providers and appointments that are easy to schedule. 

Gone are the days when a doctor could decide to open his doors on a Saturday and have the highest patient satisfaction. Today, clinical results alone are not enough, instead focus must now be given to the satisfaction derived from the whole patient journey. Digital innovations enable health systems to communicate and engage with patients in new ways to meet these needs.

Digital patient access strategies can now enable better physician-patient communications and cooperation, alongside information transparency when finding and accessing care. Most importantly, making patient’s healthcare service excellent care delivered with more ease, convenience, and choice that fits the patient’s busy lifestyle.  

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How does Odoro help address Healthcare Consumerism? 

Odoro’s digital patient access platform lets healthcare consumers quickly and easily find the right care in the way they desire. Through multiple-channels, whether it be via the organization’s website, texting, chatbot, or Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) software for the less tech savvy, consumers can engage with their healthcare provider as they desire.  

By mapping out patient touch points to access care, Odoro provides an enterprise-wide suite of innovative digital patient access solutions to strengthen the front door experience.  Promoting information transparency alongside ease and convenience to access care, Odoro’s multi-channel digital patient access platform personalizes the patient experience before during and after the appointment. Our solution is focussed on engaging with consumers on their terms, in a way they desire, providing a branded tool that both attracts and retains patients. 

By consolidating complex healthcare data sources, Odoro’s data management platform, Org2, makes sense of patient-provider preferences and organizational business logic. This allows health systems to truly customize administrative workflows digitally to enable a consumer-friendly online experience when booking appointments. Using Odoro’s platform healthcare information is now presented to consumers in an engaging and convenient way, letting them take charge of their care to drive patient retention and loyalty, as well as convert new consumers.