What is Patient Access?

Patient access is, in its simplest definition, the ease in which patients can access healthcare. 

For the health system, patient access has become a critical measurement of how effective a health care organization is at providing easy and convenient care to healthcare consumers. It may refer to the operational aspects, such as improved scheduling, where patients are empowered to take control of where and when they receive care. For Hospitals and Health Systems, creating an access strategy can result in tremendous benefits:

Improving organizational efficiency

Today, patients demand faster access to care. Yet, often patients may need to wait at least three weeks to schedule a specialist appointment. Healthcare consumerism means today’s patients will simply go to the emergency department or outside the health system entirely rather than wait. By prioritizing access strategies, health systems can centralize all the important information to enhance operational efficiency and provide better access to care. 

Enhancing Patient Experience

Improving the patient experience is one of the best ways to attract patients to a healthcare organization. 91% of consumers view the patient experience as “significant to the healthcare decisions they will make. By focussing on the pain points during patient access to care is one way health systems can significantly enhance the patient experience. 

Improving Patient Loyalty

Patient loyalty has been an elusive holy grail in healthcare. Yet it is highly important when we consider that acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer. Strategies focussed on making access more convenient and easy is one way health systems can help ensure patients stay with them. 

Reducing Patient Leakage

Patient leakage is the process of patients seeking out or being referred out of network by healthcare providers. Strengthening access strategies can help support in-network care that can help lower patient costs and optimize healthcare delivery.

How Does Odoro Improve Patient Access?

Odoro digitizes the patient access workflow meaning patient access to care becomes faster, cheaper, more convenient and more personalized. 

Odoro begins by understanding the current patient access workflow, and replicating it into a digital, automated format. Powered by its matching algorithm technology, SchedLogic™, Odoro’s digital solutions deliver comprehensive online patient self-scheduling, streamline intake and enhance referrals management across enterprise-wide points of access.