What is Patient Experience?

The patient experience describes the sum of all interactions with a healthcare organization that influences a patient’s perception throughout their care journey.

Patient experience includes several aspects of health care delivery during when they seek and receive care, such as getting timely appointments, easy access to information, and good communication with health care providers.

This increasing focus on care consumer’s experience, beyond the provision of excellent clinical care, is part of a move towards patient-centered care and is considered an important indicator of success. With the growth in healthcare consumerism, experience has become a critical measure for healthcare operations.

When we consider the patient’s experience, it is an integrated concept with a focus on delivering personalized care and the need to tailor services to meet patients’ needs as well as engage with them as partners in care. We are referring to all healthcare touch points (interactions) a patient may undergo during their care journey. 

Enhancing patient access in how patients search, select and schedule appointments can help improve the patient experience. 

How Does Odoro Improve the Patient Experience?

Odoro provides a unique approach to help health systems improve patient’s experiences.  By mapping out patients’ healthcare touch points specific to each organization during patient access, Odoro’s enterprise-wide digital platform enables a customized solution with easy engagement options that anyone can use.  

Through multi-channel scheduling, Odoro allows patients to find providers and schedule appointments at any time on all their favorite devices.  Our matching algorithm technology, SchedLogic™, delivers optimal patient-provider matching helping to reduce waiting times and access the best care more effectively.  With Odoro, health systems can now optimize the patient experience during all stages of patient access.