What is the Digital Front Door?

The Digital Front Door is the online brand touchpoint patients choose to engage with when starting their patient journey to access care.

Whether the patient is searching for an online healthcare provider, booking an appointment, obtaining test results patients turn to a health system’s digital front door to manage these care events. 

A successful patient experience during these interactions for example searching on a healthcare organization’s website, a communication via text or email or simply using google search to find a well suited healthcare provider is therefore critical to acquire, retain and create loyal patients.

Why is creating a Digital Front Door Strategy critical for success?

The onset of healthcare consumerism, driving greater need for fast, high quality and on-demand care, has turned the spotlight on a health system’s digital front door experience. 

Healthcare organizations now need a digital front door experience in essence a brand experience that stands out from the crowd. One no longer focussed on simply providing care but is comparable to the responsive and fast consumer experiences of ordering a takeaway or catching a taxi. Key to attracting these patients is to select and harness digital health innovations that promote information transparency alongside easy and convenient access to care. 

And not surprisingly, a successful digital front door experience starts with a strong patient access strategy. In fact, according to the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Marketing Development or SHSMD, 77% of consumers search online before booking an appointment, making a health organization’s website a key starting point to enhance the patient experience. 

Furthermore, digital innovation has changed the way consumers access and engage with their care. Across all the age groups, consumers are now relying more on self-service and digital tools to manage their care.  In fact more than a third of millennials the healthcare generation future rely more on devices than doctors to manage their health.   

To successfully reach these audiences, health systems need to create a digital front door strategy that drives both patient engagement and satisfaction, as well as raises brand awareness.  Only via an integrated and seamless online patient access experience throughout all brand touch-points will health systems win new patients and retain patients in-network.

How does Odoro help improve the Digital Front Door experience?

Odoro partners with health organizations to create a seamless digital patient access solution to enhance patient’s digital front door experience.  

By mapping out patient touch points to access care, Odoro provides an enterprise-wide suite of innovative digital patient access solutions to strengthen the front door experience.  Promoting information transparency alongside ease and convenience to access care, Odoro’s multi-channel digital patient access platform personalizes the patient experience before during and after the appointment. Our solution is focussed on engaging with consumers on their terms, in a way they desire, providing a branded tool that both attracts and retains patients.