What is the Patient Journey?

The Patient Journey can be defined as the ongoing sequence of care events which a patient follows from the point of access into the health system, continuing towards diagnosis and care and ending in outpatient care.  In reality, this journey is a cyclical, never-ending interaction of care events with their healthcare provider.

The growth in digital health solutions means the patient journey is now more complex and integrated than ever before. It is therefore critical that healthcare organizations thoroughly map out and understand the journey to keep their patients engaged throughout the entire continuum of care. Only by gaining insight into the interactions, emotions and barriers for the patient, can we leverage different technologies to optimize this experience.  

As such it makes sense that healthcare providers must take a holistic healthcare approach to enhance the journey.  Rather than healthcare providers focusing efforts and stress on optimizing the patient experience at one touchpoint, activities to improve the journey should be viewed and understood as influencers of the entire health system.

With healthcare consumers now having unprecedented options, choices, and responsibilities when it comes to managing their own care, the patient journey is no longer a linear one.  It is instead a multi-stage journey with many different touch points managed by different channels involved along the way. Furthermore, the journey is constantly evolving throughout the life of a patient, meaning the way we approach improvements to the patient journey must anticipate for today and the upcoming future. 

How Does Odoro Help Improve the Patient Journey?

The patient journey starts with patient access and this is exactly where Odoro helps healthcare organizations optimize the journey.  Odoro has partnered with multiple organizations creating and implementing highly dynamic journeys with changeable health touch points. 

We begin by understanding what the touch points are and leveraging different technologies to optimize this experience. By integrating Odoro’s digital patient access suite of solutions, including online-scheduling, intake and referral management, we deliver an engaged, branded journey across all access points that strengthens physical channels.